Prepping your pantry for the festive season

Posted on 19th November, 2020


It’s official; the pantry is well and truly back. A search of #pantrygoals on Instagram returns almost 100,000 results, and recent research by John Lewis that found half of people buying a new kitchen want it to include a pantry.

Prepping your pantry for the festive season 2

Whether taking centre stage in your kitchen or tucked away neatly in a utility, a pantry is a super-stylish way to create that all-important additional storage space while keeping everything neat, tidy, and in its place (it needs to look pristine for those Insta shots, right?).

But as well as looking stunning on your feed, pantries play a super-practical purpose, and really come in to their own at Christmas. Providing the perfect spot to store all those extra tasty treats (panettone, anyone?) and boozy buys, a Christmas pantry is the epitome of festive indulgence.

So how should you prepare your pantry for the upcoming festivities? We put our heads together to bring you our top tips for sorting your pantry for the most magical time of the year.

Start with a good old clear out
For the perfect Christmas pantry, starting from scratch is a must. Spend some time looking over what’s in your pantry, what you need, and – more importantly – what you can do without. Have a good root around and get rid of out of date spices and that half-used bag of rice that’s been sat there for the last 12 months, plus anything else you’re probably not going to use. Remember, if you’ve got tins or dried food that is perfectly edible but no longer needed, donate them to a local foodbank that can put them to use in a Christmas hamper.

Stock up on storage
Next on the list is storage. Pantries work best when you can simply open the door and find what you need at your fingertips. No one needs to be rooting around for ages while they’re trying to enjoy a nice glass of prosecco and bake their Christmas cake (just us?). To ensure you make your pantry as easy-to-use as possible, invest in some storage jars for dried goods and spices, label them up and then position them in the same area of your pantry. The back of the pantry door always works well for herbs and spices as it means they’re quickly and easily accessible when you just need that finishing sprinkle of nutmeg!

Make room for the essentials
Your pantry is a great space to store some of the less aesthetically pleasing items we all need in our kitchen at Christmas, like kitchen roll, tin foil, cling film and pretty much anything else that just looks better when it’s not in sight. When doing your pre-Christmas pantry shuffle, it’s a good idea to leave some room at the front of your shelves for these kinds of items, as you’ll often need to grab a piece of kitchen roll to mop up some mulled wine or tear off some tin foil for the turkey, and having to rifle around at the back of the shelf can quickly become frustrating.

Treat yourself
Okay, this isn’t technically a pantry organisation tip, but we’re sharing it nonetheless. The festive season is all about indulgence and treating ourselves and our families at the end of what has been a difficult year. This means creating a pantry that is a treasure trove of tasty treats to see you through the festivities. Some of our favourites include the perfect panettone, a box of truly indulgent chocolates and a bottle of gold leaf gin liqueur – not forgetting the all-important Christmas cake. There’s not much that beats the feeling of settling down to your favourite Christmas film surrounded by family, cosy candles and a lovely slice of something sweet!

Prepping your pantry for the festive season 1

Our design director, James, says: “Pantries have really taken off as the ideal way to create style-focused additional storage for the home. They’re practical and pretty in equal measure, and they really do come into their own at busy times of year like Christmas when we tend to buy a little more food than we usually would! We’ve had the pleasure of designing some fantastic pantries as part of customer projects, and I think the pantry is well and truly back and here to stay.