Lynsey Ford home design studio

Daval was approached by architect, interior designer and winner of BBC One series ‘Interior Design Masters’ Lynsey Ford to design the cabinetry and storage for her home studio in West Yorkshire.

Cabinetry: Renzo
Colour: Charred Japanese Wood
Cabinetry Hardware: Daval Black Knurled Brass bar handle

Keen to utilise a colour palette inspired by nature and contrast dark and light shades with her love of vintage furniture, Lynsey chose Daval’s Renzo cabinetry in stunning Charred Japanese Wood.

The texture of the cabinetry finish adds real depth and interest to the long run of floor to ceiling cabinetry, which Lynsey uses as important storage for her studio equipment, samples and designs.

The project also features a clever ‘hidden kitchen’ behind the middle section of cabinetry that features a sink and Quooker tap with instant hot water, meaning Lynsey can quickly make coffee and tea for herself or her clients without having to return to the main house. Lynsey also specified and antique mirror splashback to make the sink area feel bigger and add a sense of depth, and fluted glass cupboards above the sink for storage with a textured-door twist. Our black knurled brass bar handles finish the look.

Lynsey says: “I chose the Renzo collection for my studio as all the cupboard doors are made from 100% recycled material and I am a huge advocate for sustainable design, so they were the perfect choice.

“The depth of texture from the Charred Japanese Wood finish is beautiful and turns what would could have just been a regular bank of cabinetry into a real statement piece of furniture that is both beautiful and practical in equal measure.

“The hidden kitchen finishes everything off perfectly and is so handy for making a brew when I’m meeting with clients or just fancy a cuppa for myself!”

Notes from the Designer

Our Designer

“After partnering with Lynsey on her prize-winning design for Another Place hotel in the Lakes late last year, we are delighted to have worked with her again, this time on her own design studio.

“The design features a cleverly hidden kitchen with instant boiling water tap and reeded glass storage cupboards that sits behind two of the doors and is great for when Lynsey has client meetings and needs a facility to make drinks or prepare some snacks without returning to the main house.

“When we introduced Lynsey to the Renzo collection, she was impressed by its sustainable credentials and we both knew immediately that it would make a fantastic addition to the overall design of the space.

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