Five fitted wardrobe design and layout ideas to maximise storage space

Bespoke fitted wardrobes allow you to create the most personalised bedroom design and layout. The real benefit of incorporating made-to-measure fitted wardrobes in your bedroom design is the sheer level of personalisation and detail that can be achieved when it comes to the layout, look and overall aesthetic of the wardrobe itself.

At Daval, we’ve been designing and manufacturing exquisite, fitted wardrobes since the company was founded in 1978. Here, we’ve pulled some of our top tips and extensive experience together to compile our top five fitted wardrobe design and layout ideas to maximise storage space.

Tip 1 – Work with the space, not against it
By this, we mean working with the shape of the walls and ceiling in your room and incorporating them into the design of your fitted wardrobes, rather than letting the space limit your design possibilities. For example, if you have a slanted or sloping ceiling, the nature of made-to-measure wardrobes means your designer can size them to follow the slope and shape of the roof.

This will help you maximise the available height to ensure you can use every available inch of space, even in the most awkwardly shaped spaces.

Fitted Wardrobes

Tip 2 – Incorporate storage drawers for watches and jewellery
Another benefit of made-to-measure fitted wardrobes is that, during the design process, you can specify what sections of the wardrobe you want to use for store specific items of clothing, shoes or jewellery.

As part of a great wardrobe design, we’ll often suggest incorporating bespoke storage drawers for smaller items such as watches and jewellery. A built-in storage drawer with leather inserts lets you safely store more delicate items without risk of damage, and means you spend less time scrambling around for your favourite necklace or pair of earrings as everything is in one place and always within easy reach.

Tip 3 – Use mirrors to create a sense of space
Incorporating mirrors into your fitted wardrobe design is a great way to save space in smaller bedrooms. Doing so provides you with an all-important full-length mirror that is incorporated in the cabinetry, freeing up the floor space that a free-standing mirror would otherwise occupy.

Using mirrors as part of your made-to-measure wardrobe design also helps to make smaller rooms feel larger by creating a sense of space through reflection.

Tip 4 – Full carcass with a breathable space
Not a design idea as such, but important, nonetheless. When specifying made-to-measure wardrobes, we would always recommend ensuring the company you work with supplies a full carcass wardrobe. By this, we mean cabinetry that is not open-backed (where the interior bedroom wall acts as the back of the cupboard).

A full carcass fitted wardrobe with fixed back panels achieves a slight void between the back of the wardrobe and the bedroom wall while fully encasing and protecting your clothes and allowing for proper air circulation which, in turn, prevents moisture damage.

Tip 5 – Include feature shelves
Shelves aren’t only for use on the inside a fitted wardrobe. Often, we’ll suggest incorporating open shelving on the outside of the wardrobe as part of the design. Open shelving can be a particularly clever way to break up what might otherwise be a long or continuous run of doors, adding interest and depth to draw the eye.

Including glass or solid wood shelves as part of your wardrobe’s exterior design also serves as a stylish feature where you can store and display handbags, watch trays and other personal items or memorabilia that you want to keep on display.

We hope these five fitted wardrobe design and layout ideas to maximise storage space have been helpful. If you’d like any more information or help with planning and designing made-to-measure fitted wardrobes for your home, please get in touch by emailing

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