Embracing the Joy Of Missing Out this festive season

Posted on 11th November, 2020


Forget FOMO, 2020 has been all about embracing JOMO, or the ‘joy of missing out’. Restrictions resulting from the pandemic have meant we’ve not had much choice in the matter, but as a nation, it seems the joy of missing out is something we’ve really started to embrace.

Embracing the Joy of Missing Out 2

And, as we move into the festive season, JOMO gives us the perfect excuse to stay home, take things back to basics and really revel in the ultimate cosy Christmas surrounded by our favourite creature comforts.

Our managing director, Simon, says: “This year has seen us all learn to embrace the joy of missing out as we’ve recognised what really matters to us and that we can live a more stripped back life. It’s become more important than ever for us to create spaces in our homes that really work for us and let us express ourselves and help us feel nurtured and safe amid the craziness of 2020.

“With many of us set to have smaller or less extravagant Christmases than we might normally, this year’s celebrations are the perfect time to batten down the hatches, get cosy and really embrace the joy of missing out.”

Here are some ways you can embrace the JOMO this Christmas.

Embrace the time spent putting up your Christmas tree
We’re all guilty of seeing putting up the Christmas tree as a bit of a ‘must-do’ on our list of Christmas jobs, but embracing JOMO means you’ve got more time to spend on this special activity. Why not pick a date to put up the tree, add it to your calendar and then look forward to it for the next few weeks. When the day arrives, instead of rushing things, have a wholesome breakfast with the family, pull on your Christmas jumpers, choose your favourite festive album, turn up the volume and get to work on the decorating. Before you know it, hours have flown by and your tree will look more special than ever.

Embracing the Joy of Missing Out 1

Plan a Christmas movie night
Although we might be limited on having friends round this year, a cosy night in with your favourite Christmas films (why stop at just one?) is a guaranteed way to get you in the festive spirit. Stock up on your favourite festive tipple, bust out a box of chocolates, pull on your Christmas pyjamas, sit back, relax and while away the hours wondering what the attraction of a crowded Christmas market ever really was.

Embracing the Joy of Missing Out 3

Style a cosy Christmas home
Embracing JOMO is all about indulging in the surroundings and comfort of our homes, so spending a little extra time styling your space for the festive season will ensure you create a sumptuous sanctuary that beats anything the outside world has to offer. Invest in draping a sensuous velvet, wool or faux fur throw over your sofa or armchair for the ultimate sense of coziness and luxury, and string white fairly lights delicately over your fireplace or up your staircase to create magical winter wonderland vibes. Using low level lighting, especially after dark, creates a real feeling of homeliness and will instantly help you relax and unwind while embracing the loveliness of your home.

Get your bake on
Baking has certainly enjoyed a bit of a revival this year, but there’s nothing that puts you in the festive mood more than getting your bake on! Embrace a messy kitchen and licking mixture from the spoon while you listen to some Christmas tunes and while away the hours creating a culinary delight. We love this baked apple mince pie recipe from Good Housekeeping, and this Christmas pavlova from BBC Food takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. If you fancy something a little more savoury, why not try these easy vegan sausage rolls via Thinly Spread?

Our managing director, Simon, explains: “Christmas is the perfect time to embrace the JOMO, but our newfound appreciation for all things home isn’t going to stop once the festive season is over. This year has helped us realise that investing in creating relaxing, nurturing spaces in our homes that are both multifunctional and bespoke to our needs is key to living a slower, paired back lifestyle that appreciates the small things and emphasises the importance of home.”