Are bespoke fitted wardrobes worth it?

Here at Daval, our heritage lies in creating bespoke fitted wardrobes that are completely tailored to each of our clients’ requirements so they can have the wardrobes they really want, without ever having to compromise.

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However, bespoke fitted wardrobes are an investment in your home and generally cost more than an off-the-shelf design because they’re designed and then made to measure individually for you. So, are bespoke fitted wardrobes for your bedroom worth it? We certainly think so, and here are our reasons why:

Reason 1: Fitted wardrobes instantly create more storage space
Forget storing boxes of your winter clothes on top of your freestanding wardrobe in the winter, or the growing pile of shoe boxes stored in the gap between the side of your chest of drawers and the wall. Bespoke fitted wardrobes instantly create more storage in your bedroom by allowing you to use every available inch of space to its maximum. They are tailored to fit the full height of your room and because they are made-to-measure, are flexible to accommodate awkward shaped walls and sloping ceilings. Even the tightest corner can become a workable home for your belongings!

Reason 2: You don’t have to make design compromises
One of the things our clients like the most about designing their bespoke fitted wardrobes with Daval is the fact they can choose the exact design they want to ensure the finished product complements the space in which it will live. You might want to choose a handless design in a matte finish to achieve a more minimalist and modern look, or more of a shaker style in-frame design if you want a more contemporary feel.

The great thing about having your wardrobes made-to-measure is that you can design them exactly how you want them to look to ensure they complement the rest of your bedroom décor and scheme, including everything from the interior carcass colour and exterior cabinetry colour to the handles on the doors – meaning you don’t have to buy a wardrobe that doesn’t quite fit the brief and that you are not entirely happy with.

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Reason 3: Internal storage can be configured exactly how you need it
We always advise our clients to think about how they use their current wardrobe day-to-day and how they want their new fitted wardrobe to work for them when thinking about designing the internal storage layout. In our expert view, the inside of a wardrobe (although you don’t look at it all the time) is just as important as the outside, because if it isn’t configured the way you need it, it still won’t function exactly how you want it to.

For example, if you have a large collection of shoes or trainers, a good idea is to opt for pull-out shoe shelves so you can store each pair neatly and they are easily accessible when you want to see your whole collection at a glance. If you have special jewellery or valuable watches, some dedicated storage drawers with leather storage inserts built into your wardrobe will provide a dedicated home for these.

We truly believe that the configuration options are so important and we are passionate about getting it right for each and every bespoke fitted wardrobe we produce.

Reason 4: They can completely transform the look and feel of a room
Not limited to just bedrooms, bespoke fitted wardrobes can totally transform how a room is used. For example, if you have a spare or underused bedroom, bespoke fitted wardrobes are a great investment to create a walk-in wardrobe or dedicated dressing room that is separate from your main bedroom. They can also work really well in large bedrooms to divide the space and create a more zoned feel by creating a ‘wall’ with the wardrobes that leads to a tucked-away dressing area nestled behind it.

Reason 5: You know what you’re getting (and where it comes from)
We’re passionate about designing and making bespoke fitted wardrobes using only responsibly sourced wood from FSC Certified UK forests. We source our paints from a family-run business in Manchester and many of our handles come from Birmingham.

We believe it’s really important to know and understand where your fitted wardrobes originate from and their journey through our factory to your home, and when you invest in fitted wardrobes from Daval, we can tell you that.

We hope this post has been useful to help you understand why we believe fitted wardrobes are worth it, but if you’d like any more information or help with planning and designing fitted wardrobes for your home, please get in touch by emailing

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